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Slide Simplifying project operations WaysNX social is built on a hierarchical model of work to discipline the project flow and to generate quick and effective results.

Slide Collaborate

Slide Collaborate Handle all your design/content work on WaysNX. This is a next-generation application, which runs a project end to end with managing all team members and their work. Set targets, review progress and address issues IN THE WEB APP itself. Sign up

Work with empathy and compassion. It’s been designed keeping struggles of team management in mind

Project management becomes an easy task. easy to assign tasks, review them and approve/reject them.

The entire team comes aboard with their roles.manage and carry out tasks efficiently with WaysNX social.

It promises the highest levels of usability. No new user would find it hard to work on the WaysNX application.

Slide Customer Experience

How does it work?

Creator : A creator is responsible for creating a design and/or content campaign/task. After completion, he/she can send it to the reviewer to review the work done.
Reviewer : A reviewer is responsible for reviewing the campaigns submitted by creators. They can send it to an approver or can send back to the creator for changes.
Approver : Post approving, he/she can send it back to the reviewer for changes or queries. The reviewer then backtracks it to the creator for making the said changes.

Slide Administration

Create design & content campaigns:

Easily manage the progress and revisions through in-app functionality.

Campaign dashboard:

Number of campaigns, ongoing tasks, change requests;‘easy to interpret’ dashboard.

Manage calendar:

It provides crisp and clear information about the daily, weekly and monthly agenda.

Interconnect 2 campaigns:

A design campaign can be related to an ongoing campaign; hence 2 tasks can be fused.

Auto-generated reports:

User wise and campaign wise reports are accessible and downloadable.

Status overview:

Get the progress of the tasks in a single glance.


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