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Slide Manage, Conduct and Evaluate WaysNX Exam facilitates employers to register candidates, conduct exams for skills evaluation and streamline the hiring process.

Slide WaysNX Exam

Slide How does it work? Questions
The admin can use existing hundreds of questions or add new multiple-choice questions in multiple categories. The admin can club the questions in various complexity leve.
You can invite a group of candidates/users for examination. The app also facilitates the ability to send the link of the scheduled exam to the intended individual users or groups.
The app gives real-time notifications and declares exam result online. The app generates reports for individual user/candidate and exams. It maintains a pass-fail log after each examination taken.

Our mission is to work with empathy and compassion and to create a strong foundation.

We keep a promise to our customers and strive for a perfect working environment.

WaysNX was founded with the sole mission to serve IT needs across the globe.

Whether you’re starting a venture, introducing a product, or growing your small business.

Slide Why WaysNx?

Why choose the WaysNX Exam?

Giving Solutions; WaysNX Exam intelligently caters to all your needs and eliminates the hassle of manually conducting tests, maintaining logs, assessment of the test and reporting.
Designed comprehending your needs; From historical data to online exam scheduling, from managing candidates to conveying results, everything is closely worked upon.
Effortless operation; The application is simple to operate. A clear call to actions, easy navigation, simplified processes and no hidden fields make it profoundly usable.


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